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Carignano del Sulcis (Sardinia)

The origin of this wine is uncertain, according to some it arrived in Sardinia thanks to the Phoenicians, according to others it arrived more recently from the Iberian Peninsula.

What is certain is that it is one of the few ungrafted vines to still be cultivated with the traditional sapling method, and it is probably the only one able to withstand the strong saltiness that comes from the sea, the mistral wind and the low rainfall, thanks to the sandy soils in which it sinks its roots in a deep way. The difficulties it must encounter and the strong sun exposure enrich the grapes with unique aromas, which we find in the wine.

Aged in wood or, more rarely, only in steel, Carignano wine can boast the mention Riserva after 2 years of aging and Superiore if, in addition to the same aging period, the vines are trained as sapling, as tradition dictates. With a warm, intense and robust personality, it is one of the largest, traditional and unmissable expressions of the territory.

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