Russian Air Defense System "Pantsir" Being Hunt by Turkish Drones in Libya

Haftar is being supported by countries who actually wants to enslave Libya to them and rule the country by dictatorship like many other Arab countries such as Egypt. Therefore they send army-standard equipment to Haftar to make him fight against legitimate government of Libya.

Libya has over $300 billion cash in gulf and French banks. Haftar is having endless support from the countries who is keeping money of Gaddafi and those are the same countries who wants to make Libya an ineffective, undemocratic country which they can rule with their dictator puppets.

UN recognized Libyan government asked Turkish support to overcome with the fight ongoing against Haftar. Turkey is currently providing preliminary support.

NATO also declared that they are ready to support legitimate government of Libya against Haftar, despite the fact Greece and France is supporting Haftar hoping they will benefit out of him such as overthrowing the maritime zone agreement done by Libya and Turkey which avoids Greek occupation on the maritime zone of Libya.

We know that France is using terror organizations as proxy for their interests all over Africa, Syria and Iraq.



By: balabanoglu (56.70)

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