US vape shop worker refuses to serve customer wearing Trump cap

A foul-mouthed argument broke out at a vape store in Tucker, Georgia in the USA on Friday (December 28) when an employee refused to serve a man wearing a Trump cap and sweatshirt.

According to Trump supporter Ian Furgeson, 36, who filmed the incident at Xhale City, he'd been in the store for only "a couple of minutes" wearing his Trump clothing when the employee told him to leave.

"I knew what was happening as soon as he said it and went for the video," Furgeson said.

The video shows the unidentified employee threaten to call the police if Furgeson does not stop filming in the store.

Furgeson stands his ground, insisting that it is the employee who is in the wrong for asking him to leave.

The vape store worker now launches into an expletive-filled rant in which he says "I can't stand y'all motherf***ers!"

"?" Furgeson asks. "I'm not a ."

The employee now gets on the phone, presumably to his manager, and can be heard describing Furgeson's pro-Trump clothing before saying:

"I'm not having anyone that has anything to with that f**ker. He's a treasonous a**hole."

As the employee rants down the phone, Furgeson now turns to a black customer at the store, who is patiently waiting to be served amid the chaos, and insists that he has no problem with the colour of his skin.

Furgeson now asks to purchase some "vape juice" and the employee goes into a full melt-down, screaming in his face:

"F*ck off! I don't give a f*ck. Get out!"

Furgeson continues to stand his ground and now tells the employee, with some of his own "colourful" language, that if he lets him purchase the "vape juice" for his wife, he will leave the store and won't report the employee either to the police or the company.

The employee reluctantly appears to agree to this request and gets the "vape juice" from the shelf and begins to scan the item, all the while telling Furgeson to "get the f*ck out of here."

As Furgeson is about to purchase the item, he provocatively says: "Capitalism wins again."

This triggers the employee once more and he again refuses to serve Furgeson and begins another tirade against Trump.

Eventually, after more screaming from the employee and Furgeson's insistence that his support of Trump is to do with "having more money in his paycheck" and "healthcare" and nothing to do with skin colour, Furgeson leaves the store with this parting shot:

"He's still your president. Go f*ck yourself!"

Furgeson insists that he had never met the employee before the incident and that there was no argument before the camera started rolling.

According to Furgeson, Xhale City got in touch with him to tell him that the employee had been fired.



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