Brazen vandals wreck small business owner's shop one month after opening in Washington

This was the shocking moment $20,000 worth of damage was carried out by two vandals who targeted a small business owner one month after opening their shop.

The business owner - who is a US Army Reserve veteran - opened their Tesla aftermarket accessory store in Everett, Washington last month and on November 29 two men came and wrecked the place, causing havoc.

CCTV footage shows both men, one wrecking the store's displays and damaging products and the other behind the counter.

The owner Raj Sharma told Newsflare: "Yesterday, couple thugs came into the store and destroyed my entire store.

"This video was taken via ring security in my store and those two people in the video are the thugs who destroyed my place.

"I am a veteran of [the] US Army Reserve.

"I opened this store last month and I was casually doing work in my store when these guys showed up causing havoc trying to hurt my brother with the fire extinguisher. I left the store with my brother and then they destroyed my entire brand new store causing $20,000 in damages.

"The police caught both of them [the] same night. They took a gold chain and a bracelet and a ring from my disabled brother. My work phone and work iPad and $2,500 cash are missing."


By: NewsFlare (109917.00)

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