Trumps never trumpers are scum? Never trumpers? The sitting pres referring to Americans in his own third person?

Trump rises in deep sweats from nightmares of what the committee will see in the full un redacted mueller report that only Barr has read, and decreed the president fully exonerated in summary. Mueller disagreed that that was the conclusion at all? I wonder if something bad in there maybe, lol. No matter trump scrambles from his bed and reaches for his phone, must tweet. Had a nightmare about never trumpers rising up, all of a sudden these scum cared about the constitution, democracy, and the rule of law, yikes. Trump didn’t recognize this place of just rules, courtesy, and truth. Well let’s tweet that away, shifty Schiff yes and hoax corrupt garbage is what I should say, the impeachment’s fake. It echoes here in my one man twitter impeachment war room. So lonely. Where’s Rudy? Right got a criminal lawyer...

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The Ukraine investigation is just as Corrupt and Fake as all of the other garbage that went on before it. Even Shifty Schiff got caught cheating when he made up what I said on the call!
4:44 AM - 26 Oct 2019
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Instead of being invited to Elijah commemoration with other esteemed leaders who haven’t sullied the office to a criminal joke mocking democracy like you have. Obama, Clinton, who gave heart felt, intellectual, motivating speeches to honourable man, you screamed insults at the Dems, the impeachment and made lies about you’re accomplishments. Re built the military lol like you took 100 millions from it to build replacement wall. Or the economy, which despite your terrible economic policies has kept your only talking point alive. True scum and getting yours. There no shame in caring for fellow Americans trump, there’s no shame in being decent and honest. Memes? Yes we have those.


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