Women battle rush-hour crush to get into Mumbai train

If you thought your commute to work was bad, this is a sheer nightmare.

A shot by Nikhil Bhosle, 27, who works for an insurance firm, shows just how bad it is to commute in Mumbai local trains.

On July 7, he had gone to the Thane station in the evening to drop off a woman friend.

An incredible peak-hour crush of commuters awaited them. Forget about catching the train, there was no space to step into the platform.

“After two trains passed, I thought of filming the stunning crowd,” says Nikhil.

The footage shows hundreds of commuters jostling to get into women’s compartment even before the train comes to a halt. While the lucky few manage to find a toehold, the rest push back a little to give way to the moving train.

Getting out of the train is perhaps a bigger challenge. As the desperate incoming commuters block the way, those exiting have to muscle their way out.

A few fail to get out and are forced to continue with their journey.

Nikhil said ‘long route’ trains heading towards Karjat and Khopoli faced similar rush during peak hours.

He feels lucky that he does not have to take a train to work. “I live close to my office and I ride a bike,” he says.

So, how did his friend finally make the trip?

“We waited for a few trains to pass. After 9th or 10th train, the crowd subsided a little and she managed to get in,’ says Nikhil.

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is a city with nearly 22 million residents.

As the city continues to grow explosively the public transport system has notoriously lagged, making commuting a nightmare.


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