Adorable pet cat has half-grey half-white fluffy face

This adorable pet cat has become a hit with her half-white and half-grey fluffy face.

The two-year-old half Persian and half Scottish Fold kitten named Wendy lives in Mahasarakham province, north-eastern Thailand.

Wendy, whose nickname is 'Meow', has won a legion of fans with her cute appearance.

Owner Duanmai, 27, and her girlfriend Mantana, 27, adopted Wendy when she was only three months, in November 2018. The cat is turning three this August.

Duanmai said: ''If Wendy knew human language, she may thank to all fans on instagram for supporting her. She might say 'My fans, if you love me, send me toilet paper!'''

The 10lbs moggy was nicknamed 'Meow', which means cat in Thai language, before being given the moniker Wendy.

Duanmai said they thought of the name because the kitten would often hunt cockroaches in the family garden. Cockroaches are called 'Peter' in Thailand after the 1996 movie Joe's Apartment.

The owner added: ''Peter Pan always follows his girlfriend Wendy, that's why we named our little pet Wendy.''

Duanmai's partner Mantana said Wendy's mother has a grey and white spot on her feet. She thinks the color collaboration of her pet might have been genetically transferred from the mother to the kitten.

She added: ''Wendy enjoys doing energetic activities such as hunting insects, biting unused toilet papers and chasing something in her imagination.''


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