Mutant frog with four arms worshipped by locals in north eastern Thailand

A mutant frog with four arms amazed superstitious locals - who made offerings to it for good luck.

The amphibian was found in a family’s well in Surin, northeastern Thailand, where it was rescued. It had two extra arms protruding from its right shoulder.

House owner Uan Conaban said that when he noticed the two extra limbs he quickly pulled the frog from the water and took it into his home.

His neighbours are now praying to the frog, hoping it will bring them winning lottery numbers.

Uan said: “There are always many frogs in the well but I noticed one was separated from the others.

"I picked it up to look close and saw that it had six limbs. I have been hand-rearing it in my home ever since.

“When the neighbours found out about my lucky charm they stopped by periodically to worship it and ask for lucky lottery numbers for the upcoming draw."

Uan said that the frog is strong and healthy since he found it earlier this month on July 16.

''His extra arms are strong and he can move them but not as well as the others,'' he added.



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Location: Thailand