Bank robbers attacks small town where my father is a police officer

I was a bit confused when i read a message saying "i love you" from my father on the first hours of the morning, just said "me too old man" and went back to sleep. Only by the morning i realized what was.

He told me they got on radio that bank robbers had closed an entire section of the downtown plaza to blow up the bank safe, setting cars on fire and being in estrategic positions, all armed with rifles and bullet proof vests.

My father and his partners was one of the first one in the scene, and they tried more than once to advance in tatical line, but every time they would get close, they would be shot uppon by rifle, while they got only pistols and shotguns, forcing them to retreat while they waited for SWAT.

At some point the bad guys stopped a bus full of the buss company employers coming back from work and force them to form a human wall in front of the bank agency.

In the end, with several unitis getting closer the bandits decided to cut their shit and run, since they wouldt have time to blow up the vault before the guys with big guns arrived, and so they did, leaving behind several explosive devices.

In the first video , officer by the squad car is my old man, i was stunned when i knew everything, that he could had died, but thanks god no one got hurt.

There isnt gore or anything in this one, just showing your guys , as a myself how reality sometimes comes too close to confort.

I was born in that town, is crazy to imagine something like this happening there. Specially because i know the guys in unniform there, we are all some sort of big family, good guys, brave, and they didnt shy away when they heard over radio that the bandits had rifles, instead they tried their best to show them they wouldt all this without having to look over their shoulders, and this pressure prevented the success of the criminal action.


By: SladeForelly (1623.50)

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