Insane, Warmonger Trump sends 1,500 Troops to the Middle East

OK so what the hell is America still doing in the Middle East? There is no war, they have reduced so many countries to rubble after bombing them and stealing their oil. Insane Trump promised to pull American troops out of Syria but instead he not only sent more there but now wants to send another 1,500 troops - for what? It is no secret that he wants to start a war with Iran (WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HARM AMERICA, IT IS JUST TO APPEASE HIS BUTT BUDDY NETANHAYU AND ISRAEL).
America is so corrupt now that it is pointless voting for a new POTUS. Each one follows the same path as the previous one, more and more fake wars, death and destruction.

It is now for American families to stop their sons and daughters enlisting into the army and refuse to send their children to fight and get killed or maimed in Trump's fake wars. Trump is too dumb to realize but by reneging on most American deals, nobody will ever trust America to do any more deals anymore. It is childish to undo what previous presidents did, you have to modify deals, not reject them totally and start afresh.


By: The Turd (783.90)

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Location: USA