So I Get Home This Morning & My Dog Is Laying On My Porch Covered In Dirt & Mud & Has A Rabbit In His Mouth.
He's Not Bloody, Just A Little Dirty To Be Honest....
Now, My Neighbors Raised These Rabbits For 4H & Have Blue Ribbon Show Winners.
I Instantly Knew It Was One Of Theirs.(FOR SAKE!!!) So I Get The Rabbit Away From My Dog,
I Take It Inside, Wash All The Dirt Off And Blow Dry Before My Neighbors Got Home !
I Took It Over The Fence.., Put Him Back In The Cage & Climbed Back Over...Phewwww!!!!!.
Not 30 Minutes Later I Hear My Neighbors Screaming Hysterically! So I Go Out & Ask Them What's Wrong?
They Tell Me Their Rabbit Died Two Days Ago & They Buried It.. But Now It's Back In The Cage....
"Told You I Was A Cunt "...Some Are Just Bigger CUNTS Than Others! LOL


By: Steve The Queen (5714.10)

Tags: Cunt, Cunty Kintay, Cunt Of All Cunts,