SPD releases body cam footage of controversial arrest

The Salisbury Police Department has released bodycam footage of a controversial arrest that they say clears their officer of any wrongdoing.

The arrest in question happened Tuesday, May 27, and involved a white officer and an 18-year-old, Camren Colon who is black, Puerto Rican and white. Colon was arrested for disorderly conduct and his family claims after he was in handcuffs he was assaulted by the officer. They also say they are looking to press charges against the officer.

During the bodycam footage, the officer is seen leading Colon to the side of a police SUV and as they get to the vehicle, Colon allegedly tries to step away from the officer and that’s when a brief scuffle occurs where the officer’s hands momentarily make contact with his neck. Colon’s family claims at that point Camren is being choked. During the bodycam footage you can hear Camren use explicit language towards the officer.

Later on in the video, the officer is seen apparently pushing Colon back into the back seat of the SUV after he stands up.



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