Happy Thursday....we're all still alive.

@ Buckshotboone

I'm celebrating an early job done for my gf's 91 year old grand mother's new bathroom....so just one more upload......

It started out one of those "hoarder storage nightmares", then after typical North Jersey contractor gouging, I jumped in and finished the job in what I thought would be about 3 days..........

.......3 weeks later..........

My gf's grandmother is a 91 year old north Jersey Italian woman who listens to the view and all other leftist shit.....I'm in sweet.....sweet ......bluetooth Spotify playlist isolation headphone heaven while i'm working. I didn't even hear about the Notre Dame Cathedral fire until WAAAAAY after.

All in all... just feeling good doing good for an old lady.

But, I miss you guys. I check in once and a while and see how you all are holding it down.

God speed to you all.....

...now you can all go to sleep with the image of a 91 year old lady taking a shower for the first time in about 5 years and going to the bathroom on a toilet not covered in an enameled layer of urine and feces....... ;)

Stay cool bros! CHEERS!!!


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