Shocking: Belgium, The murderer of Laure Nobels is already free.

Belgium - The murderer of Laure Nobels (16 years old) is already free. He spend only 1.5 years in jail instead of 14! For her parents, it is unacceptable.

In 2012, Zain Lalani, then 17 years old, killed his girlfriend Laure Nobels by strangulation during a night spent at girl's parents home in Laeken. He could not stand the fact that she wanted to leave him.

Zain Lalani was a boy from his school. In 2016 he was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Seven months ago, he was released under electronic surveillance. In recent days, he has been released on condition.

The facebook of her mother:

And that's it, he's free now: Zain Lalani, the murderer of our daughter Laure (16 years), recognized as a "potential recidivist" during his trial, has been definitely released.
Conditions: do not frequent the north of Brussels and Walloon Brabant.
He continues his studies at the University of Mons.
In all, he remained only 1.5 years in prison (for a 14-year sentence), the rest of his "sentence" being summarized by wearing a electronic bracelet.

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