Pilot’s video shows jet crash

A mobile phone video taken by a flight engineer sitting in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 that crashed as it tried to land has been released showing the moment the aircraft hits the sea.
The footage, which shows the crew struggling to land the jet during a storm, is likely to reignite a row between air crash investigators and pilots over whether cameras should be placed in cockpits. Pilots’ unions have long argued that video surveillance is an intrusion on a right to privacy in the workplace.
Investigators said that the video, taken as the jet descended from 3,000ft, was invaluable as it enabled them “to develop an extremely accurate and thorough sequence of events” that led to the crash last September in Papua New Guinea. Nearby fishermen and US navy divers came to the rescue and all but one of the 35 passengers and 12 crew on the 22-minute Air Niugini flight survived.



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