Far-right terrorist "Oath Keeper" leader gets jailed over Capitol insurrection

A leader of the far-right 'Oath Keepers' group who was charged in the Capitol riots said "she" was in Washington, D.C. last month to "provide security" at the Trump rally and meet with Secret Service agents.
Jessica Watkins, a 38-year-old transgender "woman", is one of nine associates of the far-right anti-government group charged for conspiring to storm the Capitol to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden's election victory.
"She" has been detained since mid-January.
Court filings revealed Saturday that Watkins is claiming "she" was only in D.C. on January 6 to help with security for speakers at the Trump rally that took place right before the Capitol storming.
"She" is also claiming the United States Secret Service was aware of her "assisting in security efforts" near the White House that day.
Prosecutors allege Watkins, an Afghanistan war veteran, entered the Capitol building illegally.
The 'Oath Keeper' leader pleaded not guilty to the conspiracy charges.

The Secret Service could not immediately be reached for comment.
Watkins attorney is asking the court to release "her" to home confinement pending trial, noting "she" is at risk for 'harsh treatment' as a trumpturd transgender "woman".


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