Teacher dies on stage while children perform a concert

An eyewitness captured the tragedy that took place last Friday, April 27, in a school in the city of Uralsk, located in Kazakhstan near the border with Russia.
The head teacher on initial classes has deduced the pupils-first-graders on a stage during a celebratory concert. After a while, 55-year-old Nadezhda Petrovna suddenly fell to the floor.
Colleagues called for an ambulance, but doctors who arrived in school in seven minutes, only stated the death of the teacher.
The reasons for the incident are not yet reported, but local media claim that the teacher had health problems, including - constantly suffered from increased pressure.

He noted that in March of this year another teacher in the other Ural school in the workplace passed away - a 55-year-old teacher, who was a class leader of the final class, brought schoolchildren to test testing before final exams.
The students dispersed to the classrooms to complete the tasks, and the woman remained to wait for them in the corridor, where she died


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Location: Kazakhstan