Russian Wagner mercenaries spotted in Venezuela

Around the 20th of January multiple reports came in that 400 Russian mercenaries had arrived in Venezuela with the objective of protecting president Nicolas Maduro from being overthrown after effectively installing himself as dictator. Maduro's position as president became uncertain after Venezuela's economy had completely collapsed into itself with an estimated inflation of over 10 million percent in the last year. The Wagner Group that sent out the mercenaries has been accused of being a branch of the Russian Armed Forces in disguise as PMC's are forbidden under Russian Law. Which would mean that either Putin is allowing oligarchs in Russia to fund and send troops to fight in foreign wars or that he's the one ordering them to do so to have plausible deniability afterwards. These last years Wagner and other Russian PMC's have been seen operating in the Ukraine, Central African Rebublic, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Sudan.


By: Gilgamesj (796.40)

Tags: Russia, Putin, PMC, Wagner, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, CAR, Libya

Location: Venezuela