Make fun of Biden, but not his condition

Given the heated rhetoric surrounding the Presidential race, it's natural that both sides will take pot shots at the President and the Democratic frontrunner. And that is sort of acceptable since politics is basically a free for all zero sum game affair. But when it comes to making fun of someone's condition, especially a condition that they either were born with or which they cannot help, then I think we all need to take a moment and ask, "What if this was me, or my wife or my husband or my kid or one of my parents". The following clip is part of a longer documentary entitled "The Forgetting". It's about Alzheimer's Disease. And the main subject in this clip is a woman named Fran who is suffering from the advanced stages of a particularly nasty type of Alzheimer's that hit her in her late 40s. That's right, her late 40s. She's 54 in this clip and as you can see from the reactions of the people around her, they talk to her not like she is a middle aged woman, but more like a child. And the real tragedy is during her brief moments of lucidity, she knows that she is losing her mind and there is nothing that can stop it.


By: Storm Spotter (1202.70)

Tags: Alzheimer's Disease

Location: Pennsylvania