Jungle Metal - New Zealand - Shepherds Reign

Translated, from Samoan:
Samoan Bird, be it fisheries, Samoan Bird, be it fisheries
This is the Samoan bird I have come to, no other animal of the universe
I now come up with the whole thing, my strength is complete, be square and slip away,
Unfortunately this animal is strange,
The Samoan Bird - The Samoan Bird - Samoan bird coming to Samoa!

-Chorus- Fight hard, don't rest, come to Samoa, very expensive, make it possible,
Le Manu!
The Samoan bird is bleeding your way, the Samoan bird brightens your eyes.
The Samoan bird is very expensive, my beloved country stand firm.
Don't forget your religion, your country and your family.
God bless your ministry, All your enemies you crush.
The Samoan Bird - The Samoan Bird - The Samoan bird comes from Samoa

-Chorus- repeat
Fight hard...etc.

-Shepherds Reign - Le Manu


By: Homer Hart (8753.50)

Tags: Shepherds Reign, Le Manu, New Zealand, Metal, Jungle metal. Samoan, Heavy, No Pop here, Boy Bands, Be gone with you, Music, Entertainment, softmachine, Fender Strat, GIJoe, Heavy Drums, music

Location: New Zealand