Aurora cop pointing gun at doctor’s head prompts excessive force lawsuit

Dr. P.J. Parmar, a prominent figure in north Aurora who for years has provided significant resources to local refugees, is planning on suing the Aurora Police Department after an officer held him at gunpoint during a line of questioning on March 1.

Denver-based civil rights attorney David Lane said he is preparing a federal lawsuit against the city claiming that an Aurora police officer used excessive force when he held a pistol in front of Parmar’s face while asking him why he was driving through a parking lot at 1532 Galena St.

Parmar has owned the building, the adjoining parking structure and their umbrella LLC, Mango House, for several years.

Parmar said he pulled into the parking structure attached to the Mango House building at Colfax and Galena on a Sunday evening in March when he encountered a police cruiser parked in front of him. Parmar said he then honked at the cruiser, which prompted an officer inside to get out and approach his vehicle while cursing.

That’s where a cell phone video provided to The Sentinel begins. In the roughly 150-second clip, a member of the Aurora Police Department identifying himself as “Officer Henderson” questions Parmar with his gun drawn, pointed at him from a close distance. At the beginning of the video clip, the officer asks Parmar, “What are you doing?”

Parmar, who is seated in the driver’s seat of a Chevy sedan, explains that he owns the property and repeatedly asks the police officer to leave.

In a Medium post entitled “Building Owning While Brown,” Parmar wrote that he was at the building to move Boy Scout gear. For years, Parmar has served as a Scout leader for a local Scout troop composed of Aurora refugees.

“(The officer) approached me, pointed his gun point blank at my head, and repeatedly demanded for me to prove that it is my property,” Parmar, whose parents emigrated from India, wrote in his Medium post. “As if a dark skin person doesn’t own commercial buildings in the ‘hood, or tend to them on Sunday evening. I told him I don’t need to, that I don’t even know how to (one can look up county records, but he wasn’t doing that), that he can do his own research (what documentation was he wanting? my building owner card?), and I told him he needs to leave right now. Instead of leaving he called in two other police to join him.”



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