Calgary's Muslmi Mayor Naheen Nenshi scolds canadians, gets Booed.


Calgary held yet another massive lunch time pro-pipeline rally this past Monday. Over 2,000 people showed up at Calgary's Municipal Plaza to show their support for Canada's battered, beleaguered oil and gas industry.

The speakers at the rally included Calgary municipal politicians which shouldn’t have been unusual or controversial, except those speakers ended up making themselves both!

Mayor Nenshi tried to speak French to the rally-goers, which earned him loud boos.

Then he lectured the attendees on the merits of fighting climate change.

Councillor Peter Dejong was also booed after telling the crowd to support Quebec cheese and to avoid trade embargoes and boycotts. In response to the criticism from the crowd, he whined, “and you call yourselves Canadian? Wow.”

How could these two be so tone deaf and out of touch with the concerns of the people in their own city that they turned a pro-pipeline rally against themselves?

Tonight William McBeath from Save Calgary joins me to discuss how the rally went sideways for Calgary's purple prince, Mayor Nenshi, and we also examine city hall’s latest attempts to get a handle on renegade rookie councillor Jeromy Farkas.

It’s been a horrible week for Nenshi and it’s only Wednesday!


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