Glendale officer suspended after punching driver during traffic stop

A Glendale police officer will be suspended for nearly a full work week after an allegation of excessive use of force during a traffic stop earlier this year.

The original recommended suspension for Officer Matthew Salyers was 40 hours, but he appealed first to the police chief and again to the City Personnel Board. Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps made the final decision Tuesday.

Salyers' suspension goes back to a traffic stop he and his partner made in March. The driver, 57-year-old Angelo Carrillo Sr., was pulled over for failing to signal, police say.

Both officers' had body cameras that were recording.

Salyers' partner requested Carillo's driver's license. According to the police report, Carrillo said he did not have one. The officer then asked for another form of ID. Although he was required by law to show the officers his ID, he refused to.

"The driver said that he was not going to show me his ID, and said that he did not do anything wrong," Salyers' partner wrote in his report.

That's when Salyers' partner informed Carrillo, who was sitting in the running car, that he was going to be arrested. Salyers' partner was standing at the driver's side while Salyers was on the passenger side.

Police say Carrillo resisted arrest and started to struggle with Salyers' partner. That's when Salyers got into the car and "delivered closed hand strikes to Carrillo's face …."

"I could hear Officer Salyers yelling for the subject to stop resisting, and could hear what sounded like Officer Salyers delivering fist strikes to the subject," Salyers' partner wrote, explaining that Carrillo "was still resisting and fighting by trying to pull his arms away from both of us …."

Carrillo needed stitches. Salyers requested paramedics respond to take care of his injuries.

Video from Salyers' body camera shows the entire incident, which lasted less than a minute and ended with Carrillo in cuffs on the ground. Salyers got into the car on the passenger side and went all the way across to where Carrillo was sitting behind the wheel.

A few minutes after the altercation, Salyers took digital pictures of Carrillo's injuries as he sat handcuffed in the back of the patrol vehicle.


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