The second COVID-19 wave is hitting several Latin American regions

In recent weeks, dozens of countries, including in Latin America, began to suffer the attacks of a second wave, with the number of infections, in some cases, much higher than the first wave.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said it foresees that there will be second waves of contagion in Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Brazil.

Specialists estimate that this second wave will probably arrive in March. By then, if the vaccination strategy was successful and there is a significant percentage of the immunized population, its effects will be limited: in the number of infections and, above all, in the number of deaths, if the population at risk was the first in getting vaccinated.

Be it the second wave or the ringing of the first, the pandemic in Brazil reached critical levels once again. Hospitals in seven regional capitals, including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Porto Alegre, are on the brink of collapse.

Brazil exceeded 180,000 deaths and, in recent days, has registered more than 50,000 new cases every 24 hours. The situation, specialists agree, is very serious.

In hospitals, doctors began to notice the disastrous consequences of not complying with the elementary rules of social distancing a month ago.

In Chile, the Metropolitan Region, to which Santiago belongs, returned to mandatory quarantine on weekends as of Thursday, December 10, due to an increase in the number of cases.

“Today's report detects an 18% increase in the number of new cases diagnosed in the Metropolitan Region. Given the number of inhabitants, this figure has a very high impact and we are very concerned about it”, said the Chilean Health Minister, Enrique Paris, at a press conference.

Argentina exceeded one and a half million cases of coronavirus, according to the latest official report from the Ministry of Health, and in Latin America, it was behind Panama in the number of infections per million inhabitants.

According to the world Meter platform that gathers the statistics of COVID-19 cases reported by the countries, in the case of Latin America, Panama has 44,787 infections followed by Argentina, with 33,122 cases. Thus, it was ranked as the second country in the region in this category.

So far there were positive signs in the epidemiological data. A marked drop in the number of cases in the province of Buenos Aires and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the AMBA, where the largest number of cases was concentrated during 2020.

However, that scenario began to change slowly and silently. Small signals set off the alarm in the Argentine national government, which has already expressed the fear that the population will relax preventive measures during the summer and there will be a growth in the contagion curve.

The Colombian Ministry of Health has reported 8,742 new cases of coronavirus this Monday, in addition to those already registered, reaching 1,434,516 people infected by the disease since the start of the pandemic.

Also reflected in the daily balance of the health authorities is the death of another 142 people due to COVID-19, which amounts to 39,195 accumulated in the country.

Regarding vaccines, According to data obtained by Duke University, of the nearly 10,000 million doses globally, in the region Argentina has preordered 52% of the vaccines it needs, Brazil 46%, Chile 223%, Mexico 76%, Ecuador 26%, Peru 15%, Venezuela 18% and Canada 527%, according to what was reported by the Argentine newspaper Clarín.


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