Store Employee Head Stomped During Robbery

Toronto, ON - On Thursday, June 13, 2019, at approximately 4:08 a.m., a man entered a gas station kiosk disguised with a baseball hat and a hoodie pulled tight around his face - he brandished a knife and immediately jumped over the counter - he pointed the knife at the gas station employee, demanded he open the cash register and ordered him to lay on the floor - he removed money from the till, putting it in his hoody pockets - the employee was compliant and remained laying prone on the floor - after removing all the money he violently and unprovoked stomped on the employee head several times, rendering him unconscious and then fled the store - the employee was eventually located and transported to the hospital suffering from a fractured orbital bone and skull, and cuts and bruising to his face. He is now recovering from the injuries. The suspect is described as black, mid 20s, 5'8"– 5'10" muscular build, wearing a dark hoodie with a silver zipper, black “Chuck Taylor” style running shoes, black gloves.



By: JThom (47837.00)

Tags: toronoto, robbery, beating, assault, wtf