Ontario Provincial Police SCUM trespassing illegally and cringey/cruel animal treatment for no reason

trespassing then proceeding to illegally arrest and hold me while they forced my dog into a camping tent with the rain top on in 30+ degree weather as I was storing stuff in there.. and they refused to remove it and refused to give my dog food or water and laughed and claimed we were in too much of a hurry. I was illegally arrested and held for 25 hours while my dog was traumatized for the rest of his short life after this.. sadly. All because I tried to stand up for my rights because after all I was doing nothing but enjoying my own property when these two goons came on by the public trail and accused me of running from them cleverly hense their sneaky way to access my property and claim they aren't trespassing. I tried to explain that I've been sleeping all day when they both (Isaac Austin and Dan Collings) pulled their guns, pointed them at my face and started yelling stop resisting. they again cleverly waited until my video had obviously stopped recording as it ran out of space to pull their guns... OPP are sneaky as and I will defend myself from without a hesitation.


By: Thom Mike (3.50)

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