Turkish Career Journalist Warns of Erdogan’s Plans Against Syria

We've always warned the Russians against the Erdogan's bitching on the ropes between the East and the West. 'Erdogan and Gul are tools in the hands of Zionism' were the last words Erdogan's own mentor Erbakan said then he died. And Erdogan and Gul were seen crying and overreacting at his funeral.

Seems the Russians like to be back-stabbed by the Turks, has to do something with the long past between the people of these two countries. However, don't get back-stabbed on the account of Syria, again.

More in this detailed report: https://www.syrianews.cc/turkish-journalist-warn-erdogan-syr

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By: ArabiSouri (74.20)

Tags: Syria; Regime Change; NATO; Turkey; Erdogan; Putin

Location: Manbij, Syria