Saoradh Easter Commemoration Dublin 2019

This is video footage of the Saoradh Easter Commemoration on Easter Saturday in Dublin. This was the national commemoration of the republican party and their first commemoration in the southern Republic of Ireland. Previous national Easter commemorations were held in Coalisland, Derry and Belfast. The commemoration was held less than two after intense rioting in Derry's Creggan estate. In the course of the riots, civilian Lyra McKee was shot dead by a masked gunman. The "IRA" later claimed responsibility. Over the following days, the video footage was removed from social media outlets. This video shows the first part of the parade from the Garden of Remembrance to O#Connell Bridge. The second part of this video includes the main oration given by Belfast republican Dee Fennel who is a national executive member and the head of the international department of Saoradh.


By: Dieter Reinisch (3.00)

Tags: Dublin, Easter, Saoradh, Irish Republicanism, commemoration, Ireland, parade

Location: Dublin