State Trooper Arrests Sheriff's Deputy - DUI

A County Sheriff can BARELY WALK, let alone drive his vehicle.

A 911 call was made to advise that a driver was following a truck, whose driver was "all over the road" and "driving at a high rate of speed ... fukikin' running vehicles off the damn pavement."

Less than three minutes later Trooper Stewart had the 2018 Jeep Compass pulled over. Seconds later, Stewart discovered that its driver was Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Adam Joseph Zitzelberger

Zitzelberger insisted that he was fine, but the trooper was having none of it and responded directly: "Adam, 're drunk." Zitzelberger blew more than twice the legal limit on a preliminary breath test, was physically incapable of performing standardized field sobriety tests, and returned a solid .187% BAC on the breathalyzer test back at the station.


By: Homer Hart (10068.90)

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Location: USA