Massive Bee Swarm - OIM Original

The buzzing in the air drew my attention to this mass of bee's swarming just outside my screen. This is a huge mass of bee's surrounding a queen (they're not landing on a hive), looks to be about the size of a beach ball.
When bees swarm, a single colony becomes two. In what is one of nature's more dramatic events, tens of thousands of bees will stream out of the hive together. They will choose a nearby location as an interim place to rest, keeping in mind that the queen isn't a great flyer at this point.
With the swarm clustering around the queen at the interim location, scout bees will then start checking the area for suitable final locations. With that decision made, the swarm will fly off to the chosen location and begin its life in their new home.


By: Oneirishman (32243.73)

Tags: Liveleakers, Hive, Splits, Bee's, Swarm, Looking, For, New, Home.

Location: Florida, USA