Train passengers fight to get into incredibly crowded train in India

Stressed passengers fought to get into an incredibly overcrowded train in India.

Due to the festive season most trains are running to capacity in India.

When a Maniyari-bound stopped at Katihar station in Bihar on October 9, a large crowd of passengers was waiting to get into the already packed train.

As the passengers jostled to get inside, serious fights broke out among many of them.

In one incident, a man who was seen blocking others from getting in was pulled out of the train and assaulted. As his friends stepped in to defend him, the fight escalated into a group clash.

Passengers struggled to get in blocking the way, forcing those getting down at Katihar to come out of the windows.

Ajay Panday, a local social worker, who filmed the fracas, said: “The Railways should have arranged a special train to move the festive crowd. They also failed to deploy any security personnel knowing how crowded the trains would be during the festivals.”

“It was free for all,” he added.

The Indian state of Bihar celebrates ‘Chhath Puja’ to worship the Sun on November 13.

Millions of people return to their hometowns leading to unmanageable rush in the trains.


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