Burqa-clad women use children to steal jewellery worth thousands out of shop counter in India

A pair of women dressed in burqas stole gold ornaments worth an estimated USD $16,340 with the help of children on December 14 in central India.

The incident took place in Bareli town of Raisen district, Madhya Pradesh.

CCTV footage of the deft robbery shows two women seated inside the showroom with a couple of children waiting for them to give their instructions. When the crowd in the packed showroom begins to disperse, one of the women instructs a child to get hold of one of the boxes placed on the other side of the counter.

The child discreetly reaches into the counter and slides out one of the boxes, before handing it over to one of the women waiting for him to steal the box. She then places the box under her hijab and signals the entire team to walk out of the store. 

However, the children stay inside the counter and are detected by one of the employees. They run haphazardly inside the counter and are shown out by the employees.

The theft took place in Shringar Jewelers of the city. The owner of the showroom reported the theft to the Bareli police station. Local police are investigating the case on the basis of the CCTV footage.


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Location: India