Scooter Fanatics Ride One-Wheel Vespa

Incredible footage shows a modified monowheel scooter without foot rests or a front wheel.

In the video, a racing enthusiast test drives the strange half-scooter at a circuit in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia.

The handlebar section is directly attached to the rear body with the driver's feet hanging down to the ground to maintain balance.

Mechanics at a local garage called Kobongspeed 266 made the bizarre vehicle. Olot, who works at the garage, said: "The scooter was made from the Vespa PX manufactured in 1986. We built the Vespa with one wheel for three months."

Olot said his team was motivated by an Italian scooter freestyler named Nicola Limpennatore.

He added: "There is no other motivation. We just want to make something different and show it to the world."

The Vespa scooter made by Italian manufacturer Piagio has its own fanatic lovers in Indonesia.


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Location: Indonesia