Cat bowling

google translate: "A resident of Perm played a cat bowling and complained about bullying after the video hit the net.

The video shows how a man with his children lined up empty plastic bottles on the floor to play bowling. Initially, it was planned to use the ball for this, but my father suggested throwing a pet into the bottles. The children tried to dissuade the man, but to no avail. In the end, he threw the cat into the bottle, which then flew off into the closet. “Strike! Now a red cat will fly! There is! Self-isolation, everything is in order, ”said the man during the throw.

Roman P. told the publication that after the publication of the video in social networks, he began to receive threatening messages. Because of this, he decided to contact the police. At the same time, the man said that he did not consider himself a flayer, and he explained his act by saying that he was “dying of boredom” on self-isolation.

“I wrote a statement for bullying. The cat in the video did not suffer. I'm not a flayer, ”he said."



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