Woman beats up a man who harassed her

This is what happened in Odessa Arcadia. The girl decided to teach a harassing offender. And she did it not bad! It’s not scary to walk the dark streets with such a girlfriend and nights !! Arkadia is a resort area in Odessa, including the beach of the same name.

The resort is located in the Primorsky district of the city, on the shores of the Black Sea not far from the 5th to 7th stations of the Big Fountain. The founders of the city chose the Arcadia beach to accommodate the resort, as it was possible to get to many of the famous beaches of Odessa along steep cliffs and descents that were difficult to descend and, especially, climb.

At the same time, a natural gentle slope, which by its origin is a ravine, leads to the Arcadia region. This area was named by the inhabitants of Odessa in honor of the mountain region of Greece, which is located in Greece.


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Location: Odessa