Hijacked helicopter crash

Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Surveillance video registered the Bell 206 helicopter accident that left three people dead and one critically injured in Joinville, northern Santa Catarina, Thursday afternoon (8).

Federal Police are investigating the possibility of an attempted rescue of an inmate. Crash site is less than one mile from the regional prison.

The helicopter was hijacked in Penha, 40 miles from Joinville. Employees told the police that two men hired a 50-minute fly-by on the day before in an area alledgedly owned by them in Joinville and then returned to Penha. They paid in cash an amount equivalent to US$ 950.

According to the Civil Police, which began investigations before the Federal Police took the case, at takeoff the pilot issued a hijcak signal to the company headquarters in Curitiba.

A witness said shots were heard prior to the accident.


By: Brazilian_Authority (697.60)

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Location: Brazil