Viral cook on TikTok makes ratatouille inspired by the Disney movie

A woman on TikTok has become an online sensation after recreating dishes from much-loved films.

Here Jalen (@jalenlcraig) makes her own version of the famous ratatouille from Disney Pixar's animation Ratatouille.

The aesthetically-pleasing dish was made by Jalen on October 21, using celery, carrots, and bell peppers. She topped off her ratatouille with a single chive to look just like the film!

She told Newsflare: "Growing up watching the Disney movie Ratatouille, I was inspired to try the iconic dish that was served in the film. In my home kitchen, I made the dish from scratch and recorded the long process of it.

"I was also inspired by YouTube creator 'Binging with Babish' to bring food we all saw in childhood movies and TV shows to life. It has an immensely nostalgic feel to it, and I’m so happy to see how people enjoyed watching the process just as much as I loved doing it!"

Jalan, only 18-years-old, has accumulated a massive 5.3 million likes for her sentimental creations.


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