Busy Hands (Dirt Mod Update)

A new' indoor' project for me, (cuz of smoke) and an update on our Dirt Mods Las Vegas races, and progress on #001, #002, and #003..and a pic of our car off the lift that happened on the way back to Chico Ca. They took the long way back cuz the road thru the Feather River Canyon Hwy 70 was closed cuz of the "Camp" fire that took out my travel-trailer and pump house in Concow, just a few miles from the origin of the very fast moving fire caused by Power company's 'highly charged' power lines running down the canyon from all their power producing dams. The area is known for it's extreme high winds. If they went down hwy 70 the damage woulda been a lot worse cuz of how many tight curves on hwy 70 there is, and cuz a race car driver was driving the big rig and heavy two car transport trailer. lol


By: One Punch (4578.41)

Tags: Dirt, Mods, Update, Live, Leak, Camp, Fire, Property, Loss,

Location: Chico, CA 95926, USA