Repairman tight-rope walks along electricity cables while carrying out repairs

This is the astonishing moment a worker tightrope-walked on a thick cluster of electricity cables to carry out repairs.

Residents watch the workers - both only wearing a pair of flip-flops - fix their connections in Hua Hin, Thailand, on November 23.

One could be seen edging his way along the hanging wires while his colleague laid a wooden ladder against them and climbed up.

Footage shows how one technician was wearing a hard hat but neither of them had any safety harnesses while carrying out the dangerous job.

Kwanjai Ngoenthab, who lives nearby, said she was impressed by the fearless repairmen but urged them to be careful.

She's heard in the video calling the worker 'Spider-Man' while another person can be heard in the background saying 'he's crazy'.

Kwanjai said: "What they were doing was really hard. I hope they will be given proper equipment so they won't be in so much danger on the job.''


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Location: Thailand