Livestock Guardian Dogs

Though a nice change of pace for the holiday weekend. Always had cats but one day hope to get a dog. Won't be toy (class..) will be some sort of working dog. The dogs featured in this video:
Great Pyrenees -
Anatolian Shepherd -
(Turkish) Kangal Shepherd -
From the description:
Ranchers who struggle to coexist with large predators are finding new hope in old dog breeds. While these Old World livestock guardian dog breeds have successfully defended livestock from predators for thousands of years in Europe and Asia, they remain relatively unknown in the American West. Explore how they work for one family, and what it means for the maintenance of large predators, like the wolf, on the landscape. To learn more, visit
*Please note that not all LGDs are trained or reared the same way, and therefore not all are as approachable as those featured in this video. If you like the film, you may want to follow Conservation Media for more great content.
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By: Greg Nester (1979.80)

Tags: Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd, (Turkish) Kangal Shepherd