Pitbull bites officer during arrest, police shoot him.

The incident took place in Via Cesare Rossarol, where the police went to carry out the notification of an order to a convicted felon in Naples. The 25-year-old man who was the addressee of the measure has a pit bull, who, seeing the officers, attacked them, biting one of them. A policeman to defend his colleague then shot the dog; the animal was transported by the same officers with a steering wheel to the Asl headquarters of the Frullone for veterinary care, but it died. Timely transport and first aid are useless. The dog, according to the data acquired by the police, did not have the microchip. The 25-year-old convicted felon also punched the shooter in the face. The policeman bitten by the dog was hospitalized.

The person screaming in the video says, don't kill the dog.



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