Pursuit suspect driver over 100mph on surface streets before CHP rams him

A driver was in custody following a dangerous pursuit that made its way through the Santa Clarita and San Fernando valleys at high speeds Tuesday.

The driver of a white Mercedes-Benz SUV was heading southbound on the 14 Freeway toward Santa Clarita. About three California Highway Patrol vehicles were following in close pursuit.

Officials could not immediately confirm what the driver was wanted on suspicion of.

The SUV was seen speeding and using freeway shoulders to cut around traffic as it made its way onto the southbound 5 Freeway and into the San Fernando Valley.

At about 5:30 p.m., the suspect exited the freeway at Buena Vista Street in Burbank. He continued to maneuver dangerously at a fast pace, zipping past other vehicles. At one point, the SUV nearly hit a baby stroller while blowing through intersections.

As the chase headed into residential areas, CHP began attempting pursuit intervention maneuvers, which were unsuccessful.

As the SUV got back on the southbound 5 Freeway, its rear hatch was opened, and an unsteady cargo of stacked boxes was exposed. Some of them spilled onto the roadway.

After the car made its way back into a Burbank neighborhood around 5:45 p.m., the driver slowed the vehicle and jumped out, allowing the SUV to come to rest against a parked car.

CHP quickly handcuffed the man and loaded him into the back of one of their vehicles.

No further details were immediately available.



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