UK woman records the terrifying moment she was swept off her feet by an enormous wave on the Isle of Wight

A woman has accidentally recorded the shocking moment she was knocked of her feet by a huge wave on Freshwater Bay, the Isle of Wight on Saturday (November 2).

The footage captures the woman screaming as she is nearly swept into the sea and her phone is engulfed by water.

The filmer told Newsflare: "As I turned around to go over the wall the wave had swept me off my feet and I could feel it dragging me down the path. How I have managed to keep my phone and my life I don't know.

"I was so lucky there wasn't another wave straight after and only have a few cuts and bruises. I honestly thought I was a goner.

"I only shared my video on social media to make people aware of how dangerous it can be and how it could have been a whole lot worse."


By: NewsFlare (53382.00)

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