Happy trump day. Don’t you know it’s all about trump, tanks, and stuff. Trump wants his xi or kim jung stroked, a Bastille day as it were. 4th July el

Trump declares the stock market is at its highest. Although those working class doubt the stock market is the real economy. But trumps rich brethren it does and they bought more stocks with youre tax monies. You’re not missing that are you? Short on hospital insurance this month?
Well trump declares all in USA is good as long as the rich are richer.

Donald J. Trump
Today’s Stock Market is the highest in the history of our great Country! This is the 104th time since the Election of 2016 that we have reached a NEW HIGH. Congratulations USA!
11:44 PM · Jul 3, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

There are memes for you donny. Lots of memes for you to ponder your sick fuck ways. We know if you give yourself a pulitzer right then and there, you would. Lol


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