Awesome Architectural Monument of 1930's Soviet Constructivism (40th Block) in St Petersburg, Russia

Kondratievsky Residential Massive (or Kondratievsky Housing Estate) is a residential district consisted of 12 buildings in Kalininsky District of St Petersburg, Russia. Official address is Kondratievsky Prospect, 40 (among the people known as "40th block").

Constructed in 1929-1931 by one of the best architects of Project Bureau of Constructing Committee. 12 same-kind of 60-apartment residential buildings, laundry, library, club, and kindergarten.

Kondratievsky Housing Estate was one of the first blocks constructed in Leningrad for the workers of Vyborg side of the city. The first residential district which is became a start point for a socialistic reconstruction of the district.

This complex is now considered as a monument of Constructivism.
But most probably will be renovated in the nearest years.

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Location: St Petersburg, Russia