Feminist animalists keep roosters out of chickens to avoid "rapes"

"The eggs are from chickens." Two feminist animalists make this statement before throwing two eggs to the ground so that the chickens themselves eat them. They do it by saying that they are returned because they are theirs and they clarify that they are not fertilized because they separated the roosters from the hens so that they "did not violate them."

Two animalists explain in a video their idea about chickens and egg laying. For them, the fact that the roosters and the hens copulen is a violation and, therefore, they separate the males from the females because they say that these "suffer even their nature".

Implants so they don't put
The two animalists, who seem to be in a kind of animal shelter, explain that they only have one laying hen because laying eggs "decalcifies" the chickens and "suffers a lot," says one of them. They recognize that the only layer they have does not lay eggs because "it is too old." The other hens have begun to lay, but the animalists claim that if they continue to do so for months they will "implant them so that they stop doing so."

The aninmalistas consider that the placement of implants is "the best option" so that the hens "are well and lead a quiet and dignified life."

«Feminists against abuse»
"As the battle for the control of women's fertility and the rights of reproductive rights progresses, feminists stand up against abuse and exploitation." This statement is from the feminist animalist Michelle Kretzer, who comes to make a comparison between chickens and women. This animalist states that the chicken "embodied" the essence of motherhood. "

It uses the comparison between the female fertile cycle and that of the hens in their laying cycle, criticizing the poultry and egg laying industry. "Farms don't see chickens as people," says Kretzer, "they see them as egg machines to be used, handled and pushed beyond their biological limits to make money."

With this radical animist approach, which equals the fecundity of women to those of animal females, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) initiated a movement among its supporters to avoid the "abuse and exploitation" of animals, and This is why animalists should not consume chicken eggs.


By: Santiago Flores (69.20)

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