Tax Paid Propaganda Mainsteam Media 2012 NDAA Legislation

The US Defense Department has been receiving US tax dollars since 2012 to propagandize the news for political purposes. That with mass censorship over all social media platforms tells you the rest. The US Defense Department wants more money, more power, and more war zones to expand into. The US "Homeland" is starting to resemble a war zone.

Contact Tracing began after the 1995 OKC Federal Building Bombing and Clintons painted the blame for that on Small Business Owners, Farmers, Intact Families out to get them, gun owners, conservatives and especially independent media who exposed stories like Monica Lewinski. How are the Clinton enemies doing now?


By: SvenVonErick (1837.72)

Tags: Internet Censorship, Government Propaganda, NDAA, Patriot Act, 9/11, UN, Agenda 21, Martial Law

Location: Freedom, New Hampshire