Movie Suggestion: A Hidden Life

A lot of folks go see a movie on Christmas, so I thought I'd make a suggestion. I viewed this Terrance Malick (an American) film last night and was very impressed. I didn't know who Terrance Malick was until I came home and researched him. He directed "The Thin Red Line" years ago (a WWII movie). I didn't care for it because I didn't understand it or it didn't meet my expectations. Now I understand what Malick is doing...and it's great film making.

A Hidden Life is a beautiful pathway to simple family life in pre-WWII Austria, a life torn apart by war. The writing (by Malick) is superb and the scenery magnificent. It's a long movie at about three hours. It was made for the BIG screen where one can sit as in a cathedral and experience it, not a little TV in a distracted home.

Anyway, the film has been racing through my mind ever since. As a city boy, these idyllic scenes of rural life and family carried me away. The moral dilemmas of life the main character faced were inspiring too. Again, this should be seen in a theater, perhaps for Christmas.

I'm now a Terrance Malick fan.

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