Edmonton man charged after racist tirade and assault of Filipino Canadians

UPDATE: The guy got arrested but will be released since we need to have a court case. He is also not allowed to be in our building as well. Keep safe everyone!

This shit happened around 9:15pm. So this guy is trying to hit on me. My brother Jasper pretended that he is my boyfriend. But he still told me that "You know that I can you real good." Since I don't want to give my number, he keep on insisting to give his number to me. I just told my brothers to ignore him. We're supposed to go downstairs already but he is really being disrespectful and saying racial slurs like "Go back to your country!", "This is Canada, not Wuhan. You spread the virus." He even ask Jasper, "do you even have a car?", "do you even have a license?" "You're not even Canadian." Then he kicked the door trying to hurt me. And attacked me. That's when shit started. As you can see in the video, he threatened me saying "I'll you. I'll decapitate you." "Filipino little ." "Get the out of Canada." I was so scared that I forgot to take a video in the beginning that's why this is the only video that I got. And called 911 after this video.

Kudos to the guy from bldg K. He even forgot to wear slippers just to ask if we're okay and protected and stood up for us from this psycho.

PS: hirap mag explain sa english ha. Kayo na umintindi hahahahahaha btw, okay naman po kami and naireport na po namin sa pulis. Thank you!




By: iceblue (826.50)

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Location: EDMONTON