Girl destoys 18th century sculpture with hammer

"The 18-year old Polish Instagram influencer Julia Słonska broke a sculpture from the XVIII century for the sake of "fame". She filmed her act of vandalism and posted it on her Instagram page. This was reported by Life on Friday.

It is noted that the act of vandalism was committed in Warsaw's Swiss Valley Park. The video shows Slonska smashing the face of an angel with a big hammer.
Viewers were horrified by the model's actions and threw negative comments at her. According to the newspaper, the model even received threats.
The head of the Warsaw National Museum Jerzy Miziolek is shocked by the girl's actions. According to him, the statue will be impossible to restore.
Currently, the case is being handled by the police. Slonska has already been kicked out of the modeling agency, while the bank, for the advertisement of which she was filming, has taken off all the banners with her image. Also the girl can be expelled from the university."

Happened in Warsaw, Poland on May 17, 2019



Por: plakka (2409.10)

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